Huis Madelief, Hoogvliet, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Huis Madelief is a project that was started in September 2014 and is held twice a month at the JC Dragon’s Heart Europe Community Centre in Hoogvliet. It targets elderly people who live independent, alone and have little or no social contacts. The project invites those people to get together and spend a morning in ‘Huis Madelief’

A wide range of activities are organised from movie and music mornings to playing games and being creative making Easter ornaments and Christmas cards. Fashion shows and wellness mornings are held, together with Tai Chi mornings. Outings are also arranged and are a big success – these include a boat trip along the River Maas in Rotterdam, a trip to a museum in an old fashioned American school bus, a visit to a Christmas market, and annual dinner parties. Everything is in consultation with the people themselves, and is all free.