Our projects

Food parcels for families

We provide food parcels for families using the Bruce Grove Youth Space, Tottenham, London, UK. Tottenham currently has the highest rate of unemployment in London (October 2020).

Huis Madelief, Hoogvliet, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Huis Madelief is a project that was started in September 2014 and is held twice a month at the JC Dragon’s Heart Europe Community Centre in Hoogvliet. It targets elderly people who live independent, alone and have little or no social contacts. The project invites those people to get together and spend a morning in ‘Huis Madelief’

Rwandan Orphans Project-Imizi Children’s Centre, Rwamagana, Rwanda

The Rwandan Orphans Project (ROP) provide basic needs and education for about 200 of Rwanda’s most vulnerable and neglected children.

Sanjuro Martial Arts, London

We have been involved with Sanjuro Martial Arts since 2014. The class that we fund is a very special inclusive Martial Arts class for young people aged 11 to 24 years old and includes those with Down’s syndrome, Autism, those who are hard of hearing, have visual impairments, or use wheelchairs.

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