We are committed to improving life opportunities for both young and old in Europe and Africa who might not otherwise have that opportunity.

We focus on those who, for a variety of reasons need help and support to develop their potential to live a better life. Some of those reasons might be physical or relate to mental health, or it might be the consequences of political unrest or poverty.


What does JC Dragon's Heart Europe do?

Firstly, we look for other organisations or charities who are already working with the groups of people we want to help. We provide them with funding which allows them to continue to deliver and even expand their work in a more sustainable way. We develop a close partnership with them as we monitor the impact of our support. Secondly, we run projects where we engage directly with those we want to help.

Help for the under 25s

Support young people under the age of 25 in Europe and Africa by providing funds to enable them to participate in healthy recreational activities they could not otherwise afford.

Alleviate poverty

Provide items and services to individuals in need, or other organisations in Europe and Africa, working to prevent or relieve poverty.

Relieve social isolation

Provide social support to the elderly.

Assist in the advancement of education

Assist other charities in Europe and Africa whose aims include advancing education of persons under25.

Our recent projects

Food parcels for families

Provide food parcels for families using the Bruce Grove Youth Space, Tottenham, London, UK.Tottenham currently has the highest rate of unemployment in London (October 2020).

Huis Madelief, Hoogvliet, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Huis Madelief targets elderly people who live independent, alone and have little or no social contacts. The project invites those people to get together and spend a morning in ‘Huis Madelief’

Rwandan Orphans Project-Imizi Children’s Centre, Rwamagana, Rwanda

The Rwandan Orphans Project (ROP) provide basic needs and education for about 200 of Rwanda’s most vulnerable and neglected children.

Sanjuro Martial Arts, London

Sanjuro Martial Arts is a very special Inclusive Martial Arts class for young people aged 11 to 24 years old and includes those with Down’s syndrome, Autism, those who are hard of hearing, have visual impairments, or use wheelchairs.

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